.::. Ronc Dai Luchis .::.


The company is a small firm and wine farm, located in the heart of the eastern hills of Friuli.

'Ronc by Luchis' comes from the Friulian language and means 'hillside vineyard of Luchis' (settlements De Luca).

The company has continued to grow for more than 250 years the same funds, establishing a deep connection with the land. Today the farm is spread over about 20 hectars of arable land, 5 hectars of vineyard, and 1 hectar of olive grove.

The fruits of the work of this land are sought-after niche products such as Refosco of Faedis, the noble Picolit, and the fine cold-milled extra virgin olive oil.

For over 10 years by recovering several farmhouses belonging to the family, the company has specialized becoming a welcoming farm for giving you the opportunity to stay in close contact with nature.

.::. Ronc Dai Luchis .::.