Refosco di Faedis Doc

Native vine of this small sub-area of the Colli Orientali del Friuli

  • Intense purplish red colour, scent of violet, dog rose and wild berries; dry, full, warm and well-structured flavour, ideal for medium to long ageing. 
  • It goes well with fatty meats, game and typical Friulian dishes (cotechino, pappardelle with duck ragout, wild boar, lamb chops, etc. ...). 
  • Serve at room temperature.


  • in CLASSIC version, WHITE label: refined in steel barrel;
  • in RISERVA version, black label: two years of aging in oak casks and six months in bottle.

Merlot Doc

  • Ruby red colour, full and fragrant bouquet with a faint scent of rose, dry, full-bodied, harmonious taste, with a light herbaceous flavour.
  • A wine for the whole meal, it goes well with both white and red meats and semi-matured cheeses. 
  • Serve at room temperature.

Cabernet Sauvignon Doc

  • Intense ruby red color, the nose recalls red fruits and raspberries, full taste, robust, harmonious. 
  • It is particularly suitable with game and game, red meat dishes, aged hard cheeses. 
  • It is served at room temperature.

Cabernet Franc Doc

  • Intense ruby red colour, less tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon, it has herbaceous hints in good evidence and less complex ripe fruit.
  • Indicated with game and game and red meat dishes.
  • It is served at room temperature.


  • Bright ruby red colour, delicate and particularly spicy perfume.
  • Soft and fresh in taste, it goes well with game, roasts and pork. 
  • Serve at 18-20 degrees.

Friulano Doc

  • The most Friulian of the white wines, is the 'white' par excellence. 
  • Fine, delicate wine, with an intense aroma reminiscent of wild flowers, with a dry, soft taste and good structure. 
  • Excellent as an aperitif, for appetizers, with fish and white meat. It should be served at 12 degrees.

Verduzzo Friulano Doc

  • An autochthonous vine that has always been cultivated in Friuli. Golden yellow in colour, fruity, tannic and fragrant, with a robust body: everything is perfectly blended. 
  • Great dessert and meditation wine. 
  • Serve at 8-10 degrees.

Verduzzo Friulano Doc

  • Autochthonous vine, obtained from dried grapes.
  • Antique amber in colour, with a scent of apricot and honey and a strong character: ideal for meditation. 
  • Serve at 8-10 degrees.


The graphic design of this bottle is characterized by a pictorial representation made by Adriano De Luca.

  • Brilliant straw yellow colour. Obtained from botrytised grapes. It is distinguished by its particular balance between sweetness and acidity with aromatic notes of honey, apricots and peaches, and by the flavors that remain on the palate for a long time. 
  • Great dessert and meditation wine. 
  • Serve at 8-10 degrees.

Picolit Docg

He is the wine of kings.

  • Brilliant golden yellow color, looks like liquid gold, gorgeous.
  • It recalls acacia honey, jam and candied citrus fruits, sweet, warm, round and refined. After a late harvest, the bunches undergo a further drying on racks in ventilated floors. 
  • Great dessert and meditation wine. 
  • Serve at 8-10 degrees.


Classic brut method sparkling wine made from 100% Verduzzo grapes.

  • After 4 years of refinement on the yeasts, it presents a fine perlage. The nose is reminiscent of bread and honey crust. Dry and structured in the mouth of extreme persistence.
  • Excellent with appetizers, appetizers and desserts.
  • Serve at 8 degrees.


Excellent pure white grappa as tradition wants (50% vol).

Olive Oil

Cold-pressed olive oil. 

  • Obtained from a blend of seven varieties of olives (holm oak, pendolino, grignano, frantoio, leccio del corno, bianchera, gorgazzo) harvested strictly by hand and processed during the day. 
  • Robust, spicy, very fruity oil, bright green in colour.
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